"A preemie captured in the middle of a big yawn while listening to Patti's soothing tones. Photo by Roger Wilson."
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Angelic music for tiny ears
The article is from the Burbank Leader from the Los Angeles Times "Januray 24th, 2004".

(The animated photos are from ABC's Eyeswitness News, originally for Good Morning America)


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Premature babies at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center respond positively to the chords of volunteer harpist.
By Molly Shore, The Leader

MEDIA DISTRICT WEST - Patti Hood's harp music is so soothing that when she plays, babies stop crying.

Since November, Hood has plucked her 1926 Lyon & Healy harp for infants in the neonatal intensive care unit at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center.

"It's a form of therapy, and although I don't call myself a therapist
because I don't have a degree, I've seen what it does, and it works," Hood

Hood, who volunteers at the hospital, plays a variety of songs, several of
which she wrote herself.

"They're sort of like a new-age style with kind of a Celtic flavor," she
said. "And then I do some traditional Irish folk songs."

Jeanne Cole, a care unit nurse manager, said some medical studies show that
music has beneficial effects for premature infants.

"The studies indicated that the babies just seem to relax a little bit
more," Cole said. "Sometimes their oxygen requirements have gone down a
little bit more during that time."

The music is also beneficial to the families, Cole added, especially for
those families who can take their babies out of their Isolettes - baby-sized
incubators - and hold them.

"It's a nice, quiet time for parents and their babies," she said.

Hood always ends her one-hour performance with "Amazing Grace."

"It's something I need to do within myself," Hood said. "I believe it's what
I was put on this earth for, to help people. And I see what it does for

Although parents have not directly told Hood that they appreciate her music, Cole tells her that parents, doctors and staff love the music.

"They've expressed wonderful things to her, and she tells me," she said.